Summer jobs can bring people together

From sweaty dancing to impressive presentations, here’s a taste of our summer job experience. In a nutshell, this is a summary of two drastically different summer jobs. 

Emma and Yasmin worked at Kipinä as dance instructors. Their job consisted of teaching choreographies of different levels to teenagers. As for Dorothy, Aarni, Eero, Sini, Joona and Imose, Tanssin talo had something quite different to offer. One of the main goals was to build a complete understanding of what the whole project was to be, in order to present what the youth desires from the upcoming culture centre. 

However, on the 27th of June, the two paths crossed. Both groups had prepared an demonstration of their summer jobs. First Emma and Yasmin shared their job experience, ranging from teaching classes to performances taking place at the Tallinn square. Afterwards, Tanssin talo summer employees presented their project to the Kipinä people. Emma and Yasmin had planned an interactive workshop for everyone. 

Despite the differences between the two teams, the day went well and everyone had a great time! 

As Samuel Beckett said; “Dance first, think later. It´s the natural order.”