My time with HattuMedia by Arvi James ‘tähtipoika’ Brown

My name is Arvi. I come from Australia and have been living, working and studying here in Helsinki for the past 2 and a half years. I came to Happi through my sosionom course at Diak. Being interested in youth work, Happi look like a great place to learn and experience some new things.

This is a big building and at the beginning of my internship at Happi, I took my time to visit the different projects and meet the people involved. I would often walk past the HattuMedia rooms just to say hello to the people and talk about Kingston Wall. Then one day, I decided to stay.

It was a really rewarding experience to see this other side of community youth work. The different places and people involved as well as the happenings and events. HattuMedia was present and I was there with them.

Over the course of a month I learnt how to operate film equipment and use editing programs. It was really nice to be able to meet people, film their acts, interview them and then to be able to pass on some footage as a memento.

Whilst here I was working at Music Gigs, Drag Shows and Performances at various Youth Houses, alongside visiting Exhibitions and Instillations at the Sibelius Academy.

I can take these skills, experiences and networks with me as I go on in my professional career within Helsinki youth work. I am really thankfully for being able to work with HattuMedia and will remember my time for many moons to come.

We made also a new youtube channel for Arabia MusicHouse:

You can find more of live music and interviews there

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